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What is Anchor 9?

Our site and community are one giant love letter to the greatest series of all time. We really just love Halo, and we want as many people to experience it as possible.

Seeing the community and the greater Internet shift towards social media sites like Reddit, we realized that despite these sites making the promise of bringing us together… Halo has never been more scattered. From this realization, we created our Discord server. Agoat dedicated his time to Halo, sharing his love for the game with his existing streaming community. But as time went on, it became clear that Discord wouldn’t be enough to house all of the information that a new player needed to get their start in Halo.

That’s how Anchor9.gg was born. We have three core principles in mind when it comes to how we’re building our community here:

  1. Everyone has a voice. If you’re working on a great project, we want to help spread the word.
  2. Objective conversation above all. There are a lot of complex opinions in Halo, and they are all worthy of discussion.
  3. The only people getting the red carpet treatment are new players. Without them, we have no future.

Whether you’re a top level competitor a niche trickjumper, or even someone just looking to see what’s up with Halo… welcome! We’re glad you’re here.