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Noble Slayer – A Title Update for a new generation!

Noble Slayer is a re-balance for Halo: Reach’s Multiplayer. It aims to bring changes to Reach that not only add depth to it’s sandbox, but also take advantage of a decade of experience. More than just loadout changes, this modded re-balance changes up a lot of the core gameplay of Reach while packing neatly into existing gametype and map file formats. No third party patches required.

  • Reduced bloom, better fit for a mouse and keyboard experience.
  • Sword parrying reverted to it’s vanilla behavior.
  • Armor abilities have become map pickups, with Sprint being the “default” ability.
  • The Halo CE magnum RETURNS!
  • No third party tools or need to disable EAC. 100% compatible with base MCC.
  • And more…

This re-balance is still a work-in-progress, and will be fit to most popular stock maps as well as some community maps (with author permission). Despite the name, Noble will be an entire suite of modes that go beyond Slayer. Of course, no good mode is without it’s testing, and we are happy to include you in our tests over on our Discord Server.

More to come in this space, including a download once it’s complete. Keep an eye on our front page for updates.

Welcome back to Reach.