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Our site is LIVE! This is a massive step for us, and we couldn’t be happier!

We’ll be hosting guides, adding news and eventually opening up our forums. Our goal is not only to share knowledge with the Halo community, but also to preserve it. In the age of Discord, it’s becoming harder to keep important information in a place where it’s always available. We’ve devised a process to make preservation easy, while highlighting the individual or group that documented the information in the first place.

Forum Post/Guest Writer -> Archive Thread -> Add Guide to “Learning” Tab on Homepage

By preserving the original discussion and bringing the information forward, we can make sure that no tech is lost, and credit is given. Anytime a post is promoted to a full guide, the creator is placed front and center. We don’t want the spotlight on us, we want it on you. Of course, anyone not wanting that kind of attention is welcome to opt out.

The forums will be launching soon, and will one of the many ways we aim to service the Halo community. We’ll launch them when the time is right, and when we know we have the momentum to carry the site through a forum launch. Nobody wants to post on an empty forum.

Our first guide is also available: Making Mouse & Keyboard Competitive on Halo 3 PC. I hope this information helps you on the road to Infinite.

Thank you so much for stopping in. We’re active on our Discord server, if you’d like to join us.

– Rick “Agoat” Aston

One for the Future.

  • EARL
    September 4, 2021


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