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With each addition to our learning resources, I want to invite players to learn something new, even if it’s tough. I don’t ask this of anyone expecting learning to be easy. Truth be told, I’m learning more and more with each post I make here. Writing is hard, and trying to cram as many ideas as I can into one article is a challenge I never expected. Thinking on my words already has me motivated for the next page, and no doubt this momentum will continue.

The above post is intended to be a primer of sorts. A little bit of practical information, a little bit of theory, and a bit of experience to go with it. From here, we’ll branch out into the different concepts and really dive into our psyche. Your feedback is always welcome, and if you’re looking to talk about these ideas, I invite you to join us on Discord.

A close friend of mine suggested I return to video creation with these ideas. If you’d enjoy a video format, please tell us!

As always, thanks for being what makes this site great. I hope you enjoy the article.

One for the Future.

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