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Halo 4 Flight Updated & Extended

343 announced today that the MCC Halo 4 Flight will be extended until November 6th. With this announcement came a number of additions, including:

– Unlimited framerate improvements for Halo: Reach

 – Crossplay has been enabled for Halo: Reach’s multiplayer and Firefight modes

 – Per-Title Control and Video Settings for Halo: Reach 

 – Player Emblems now appear in Halo: Reach gameplay.

Keep in mind this is on top of the already ongoing Halo 4 flight. While not documented in the patch notes, the Champion’s Bundle weapon skins from Halo 4 have also been added to the Insider build. Everything in the flight is of course, subject to change, though it stands to reason that you can expect these updates to arrive to the retail version of the MCC very soon.

Source: Halo Support Site

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