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The forums are live!

This is the next part of my master plan to help the Halo Community. Discord is a wonderful home, and that isn't changing. But one of it's biggest problems is that information posted to Discord isn't permanent and is very hard to access over time. With forums (and by extension, a full website), we can document more, especially the closer we get to Infinite.

Right now, I'm considering the forums (and the website) to be in "Early Access". Posts won't disappear, of course. Anyone that's active during this Early Access phase will get a unique visual flair to show they've been here from the start.

I've made a few threads to help start discussion, but I really encourage you to start your own! On the forums, I'd like to encourage thoughtful posting, especially in Halo. Though comedy is absolutely encouraged, let's not become Reddit 2 and share memes all the time.

Thanks for being here, and I hope you guys enjoy the forums. As always, I'm always available for your feedback and questions!
Not open for further replies.