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    Speculation MP Starting Weapon Theory

    I don't think the pistol we saw is even going to be the only one in the game. But I really do think we'll see 3 possible starts for Social modes.
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    Speculation MP Starting Weapon Theory

    It looks like the AR has more range in Infinite. The campaign footage makes it look really lethal. I think they're trying to give players a path of improvement with these weapons.
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    Speculation MP Starting Weapon Theory

    The Monster Energy promo rewards were recently announced, and I couldn't help but notice the weapons that have skins would fit perfectly as starting loadout weapons. The AR, Commando, the BR and the new "Sidekick" pistol get a skin. If you haven't seen the promo, here's a link. I couldn't help...
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    Photography: Technically can be social distancing

    Hey y'all, I wanted to share one of my favorite offline hobbies. Whenever I visit somewhere new, I try to snap a few pictures. I don't really market my pictures in the same way I do anything else, but I'm happy to share with you guys. Here's some of my favorites: If you take pictures...
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    Welcome to the Anchor 9 forums!

    The forums are live! This is the next part of my master plan to help the Halo Community. Discord is a wonderful home, and that isn't changing. But one of it's biggest problems is that information posted to Discord isn't permanent and is very hard to access over time. With forums (and by...
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    Call of Duty: War Crimes Remastered

    um actually this is the gaming section and most of the time call of duty is a video game
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    Call of Duty: War Crimes Remastered

    The hit video game is BACK! And this time you might want to actually play it!! This game has improved gunplay and took out the dumbass jetpacks. You can also play Warzone (Battle Royale) for FREE. It even has cross-play, so you can play it with anyone on any platform. If you get 10 kills you...
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    never stop posting this thread will live FOREVER
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    This is the best news. It'll be awesome to see what changes he makes to the game, too. With any luck he'll stay with Halo, too.
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    Early Access Rules

    Hey everyone! I'm working on a proper rules list, but I did want to at least get this bit out first: This forum is meant for thoughtful discussion. Not every post has to be a massive essay that over-analyzes a specific thing, but let's avoid being vulgar and spamming memes. Site is under...